4 Quarantine Summaries

Due to the recent global rise in Ransomware, Cryptoware and Malware most Anti-Spam firms are quarantining attachments like .RTF, .ZIP and other popular archive attachments so that clients can examine them before delivery.

CudaMail Spam & Virus Filtering service has been doing this as policy from the advent of ransomware.

Historically we've delivered Per User "Daily Quarantine Summaries" via e-mail once a day at 3:00 PM MT, IF an incoming email for them was quarantined. Based on feedback from our customers over the last few months, we have decided to increase the schedule to 4 per day.

Effective June 17th, 2016 Quarantine Summaries will be delivered at 5:00AM MT, 9:00 AM MT, 2:00PM MT and 4:00 PM MT.

For some added information, here is an interesting story on the 3500% rise (!!!) in ransomware domains being registered in the first quarter of 2016! 3500% Rise in Ransomware

In addition another report showing that 93% of phishing e-mails come with ransomware
93% of Phishing Emails Contain Ransomware