Attention IT Managers & Business Owners:

Is Your Organization STILL Getting Offensive & Virus-Infected Spam?
Looking for a Reliable Partner to Either Start Filtering
or Replace Your Current Spam Filtering Service?

(Are you a Microsoft Office 365 user who is looking for a more effective Spam filtering service?)

IF YES - You have come to the RIGHT PLACE!

What You Can Expect from CudaMail:

  • Enterprise-Level Filtering - We provide multiple layers of comprehensive protection against the most current email-borne threats.
  • Amazing Support - In addition to helping you with any email issues, you can actually call during business hours and speak with a live human being!
  • Simple Setup - NO software to install - just point your MX record to our servers.
  • Mail Bagging - If your mail server goes down, we save your email for up to 7 Days!
  • Regular Reports - You can choose from daily, weekly and monthly reports on the Spam filtering for your domain.
  • Management Portal - You get access to the Management Portal, where you can control your antispam filter settings, manage your whitelist and blacklist, and do powerful searches on messages.
  • Flexible Per User Settings - Users can manage their own whitelists & blacklists … so you don’t have to.
  • Encrypted Email - We support TLS (Transport Layer Security) so you can encrypt sensitive emails.
  • Geographic Redundancy - Our data centers are in multiple cities so we stay up if one site goes down.
  • BILLIONS of Emails Already Filtered - we have already been doing this for a long time and not some fly-by-night company.

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