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HeartBleed Bug

HeartBleed Bug Though CudaMail is not susceptible to this bug, we want to provide a bit of information on it for our clients, and link to more information and resources. This bug is a very serious vulnerability in OpenSSL....

Cryptolocker News

There's a very serious Ransomware virus known as CryptoLocker currently circulating the Internet. CudaMail is actively detecting and blocking E-mails containing this dangerous threat, but we wanted to give you a heads up so that you can be...

CudaMail Filters it’s 6.5 Billionth Email since 2010!

The CudaMail system is pleased to announce that we have filtered the 6,500,000,000th message (since late 2009) for our clients! Quite the achievement - though spam doesn't show any signs of dwindling any time soon so sadly the...